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D.A.K Designs specialises in assisting customers who need custom manufacturing of a product or range of products, in order to satisfy their unique requirements. Whether it be in light engineering (specialised machines, jigs or equipment) or even a unique aesthetic such as modern steel or composite sculptures.

At D.A.K. Designs, owner David Kuhler offers his unique ability and 30 years of experience to conceive, design, and build the ultimate solution to your specific requirements.

Whatever your design and custom manufacturing needs are, D.A.K. Designs can provide the best solution.

Years Experience

Completed Projects


Life size or larger-than-life stylised sculptures of various subjects including flora, fauna or technology.

First of all the customers desired result would be discussed with D.A.K Designs. A scale model of the sculpture would then be produced. Once this has final approval, the project can move into the production phase of the full-scale sculpture.

Materials used in the final product can include glass reinforced composites, (fibre glass, carbon fibre) and various metals.


Design and initial ‘proof of works’ of mechanism (‘works like this’ model) for multi-channel magazine vending machine. Fully secure and tamper-proof. Individual transaction per vend. Completely free of jamming even when promotional items are attached to the magazine covers. Payment by EFT, cash, card, loyalty programmes etc.

Furthermore smaller or larger mechanisms can vend literally anything – greeting cards, DVDs etc.

Very economical use of floor space. Expands normal trading hours to 24/7 without additional staffing costs.

Attractive ‘pylon’ lightbox outer casing design – potential third party advertising revenue opportunities.

Design was commended by SA’s top industrial designer – Brian Steinhobel.


Hi speed, gas fired pizza oven (for professional use). Capable of cooking 75 pizzas per hour to delicious perfection. Crisp, extra brown and sizzling hot. Bigger units can do 200 pizzas per hour. Only consumes 3.5kgs of liquid petroleum gas per hour. Warm up time from cold to 100% ready in 25 minutes. Can be turned on/off in sections as kitchen demand fluctuates.

The attractive aesthetics are most noteworthy. The design is even more impressive because kitchen staff load through rear door. Similarly sales counter staff remove pizza through front door 3.5 minutes later!

CAD drawing of pizza oven – Mk1

Bring us your idea or concept. We will carry out the research and development and turn it into a real-life product. Finally your concept will be a viable reality.


Overseeing the conversion of 12m shipping containers into completely self-contained medical diagnostic laboratories.

These laboratories supplied ground-breaking HIV/AIDS treatments to impoverished communities. This system received funding from the US Presidents Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) and Sir Richard Branson.

The build quality had to be equal to that of the best private hospital/diagnostic laboratories.



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Workshop Equipment


Transportable, for custom manufacturing of rubber blocks. Interchangeable mould for processing rubber material into cube products. Cube products of various sizes, for example mould #1 – 300mm x 500mm x 250mm block. Various presses can be made to suit your particular requirements.


A unique moulding process was conceived for the casting of a highly specialised liquid ceramic material. All previous attempts by all other companies casting this material were highly flawed due to a very high percentage of air entrapment, leaving only a partially filled mould. Our process eliminated 100% of the air bubbles in the casting process and resulted in a perfectly complete one piece product.


Model (plug) making. Mould making. Laminating of moulded products in GRP composites and carbon fibre. We can produce items of whatever size and shape you require.


Extra heavy-duty security gates and doors. These units cannot be forced open by crowbars, or cut even with the biggest industrial bolt cutters. Stronger than the surrounding wall!

Lockable tamper-proof mechanism for eliminating shrinkage of stock in sliding door fridges. Entire mechanism can be easily installed or removed so that the normal aesthetics of the glass doors are maintained. No drilling or fastening onto rental units is required.


Our custom manufacturing of heavy duty food and beverage service counters enables the hospitality industry / corporate clients to optimise their operations. Construction in moulded GRP, post-formed tops, steel frames and acrylic.

Mobile bar counters with complete dispensing systems and power supply for decentralised service.


A hugely more efficient propulsion system (than the current jet pump concept) has been designed by D.A.K Designs. The efficiency of this propulsion device, combined with the huge torque characteristics of a specialised electric motor and a fly wheel energy storage device (not chemical batteries) will result in a zero percent carbon footprint ultra high performance range of electric personal watercraft and boats.

The future custom manufacturing of this concept is a prospect which excites us greatly.


ART Steinhobel Industrial Design & Product Development

” I am very impressed with the whole concept, particularly the design of the mechanism of this vending machine. It efficiently addresses all possible requirements that are magazine specific and furthermore lends itself to efficient vending of other products which previously could not be sold by a machine. “

Brian Arthur Steinhobel

Recycled Rubber Concepts

” Our 30 ton block press and splitable mold for rubber pressing, was manufactured by D.A.K Designs. It is a great success! “

Errol Payne


” The concrete vibrating tables – designed, manufactured, and installed by D.A.K Designs have been working flawlessly for over 2 years now. We regularly use them at a load capacity far above our originally specified target, and they have not missed a beat. “

Dean Martin

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